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How much do you charge to photograph a wedding?

The amount people spend varies widely. Our plans range from $999 to $5,199. The amount varies depending on each couple's budget and their interest in photographs.

What will I get for this?

All digital files on a DVD with printing rights. If selected one of the finest albums available anywhere with your selection of images beautifully customed designed with the cover engraved to your liking.

How much do I need to pay to reserve my wedding day?

An initial payment of $100 will reserve our services. We require the entire minimum paid prior to the wedding. The minimum will depend on the coverage you select.

How long will you be with us on our wedding day?

We will be with you as long as you need us. Unlimited locations, unlimited number of photographs taken, and we will do any requested photograph.

Do you work alone?

All premier coverage comes with a two person professional photographic team.

How much time does it take on my wedding day to receive good photographs?

Usually it requires about 1 hour with the bride before the wedding. An additional half hour is needed for the groom. After the wedding, it takes approximately 40 minutes for the photographs of the bride and groom, family, and wedding party.

After the wedding, how long does it take to get the images so we can see them?

Online photographs are usually posted within 10 days. The DVD is ready in approximately two weeks.

Sometimes when I get my pictures taken, I have red eyes. Will I get that at my wedding?

Absolutely not. You will not have any of those awful red eyes you see from amateur cameras.

If someone has a complexion problem can it be fixed?

We have access to the finest retouchers in the world. If it can be done, we can do it.

Will we be able to meet with you prior to the wedding to go over what we want?

Definitely. In fact we strongly encourage the meeting. At that time, we will learn just what your specific desires. We will learn all the important things about your wedding.