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About Us

Welcome to Rawlinson Photography
Southeastern Michigan’s most unique wedding and senior photography studio. We are located at 1365 South Main Street in Plymouth, just north of Ann Arbor Road. Our style encompasses a mix of inspiring contemporary images with elegant traditional and electrifying candid expressions. You will want to experience our unique Photojournalism. Visit our galleries to see the broad opportunities available to you.  Contact us by phone, mail, email, or visit our Contact page.

Steve Schwall
Steve is now a co-owner of the business. Steve has been a star with Rawlinson as the top photographer since 1989. Steve has an engaging personality and is well liked by his brides and grooms. He strives constantly to be the best. His images are powerful and sensitive. He continually works to stretch the boundaries and create the next magnificent image. To Steve, each wedding is different and each demands his best effort to provide a unique feeling.

Kathleen Mabbott
Kathy is now a co-owner of the business. Kathy, the office manager, has been with Rawlinson’s since 1984. When you meet with Kathy, you understand why Rawlinson’s is a “family”. Her genuine concern for you and your interests become apparent from your very first meeting with her. She will assist in the success of your wedding and will help you in any way possible.

Our Elite Staff Photographers
Since they cannot possibly photograph every wedding, Rawlinson’s has recruited the best photographers in the area as associate photographers. All photographers for Rawlinson’s must meet the most rigorous standards for excellence and commitment. By using the staff photographers, you can benefit from the Rawlinson influence.

Our Commitment
We are committed to the finest we can provide for you. From the lab that processes our photographs, to the album and frame companies. We strive to provide the very best available anywhere.